Custom Upgrade purchased … So why are adverts showing?

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    Hi there,

    I purchased the custom upgrade a few months ago and for some reason in the past weeks. adverts are popping up on my images and hyperlink adverts are underlining my text. I thought the upgrade prevented this?

    Also is it possible to;

    Centre the nav/menu bar?

    Change each of the pages on the nav/menu bar to rectangular / oblique shapes or sectioned to show individuality more visually.

    Decrease the distance / padding between the nav bar – H1 – text?
    as it seems very vast.

    Remove the Leave a Reply option and comment box?

    Centre the social media share options at the bottom of the blog?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


    The blog I need help with is



    The Custom Design upgrade is not the No Ads upgrade.

    It sounds like you have malware on your browser, though. Disable all add-ons to your browser and re-add them one at a time till the ads reappear, then delete the guilty party for good.



    I have the premium upgrade apologies for the wrong term.



    The premium plan includes the No Ads upgrade so you should be covered. It may be that you have a browser add on or virus causing the issues you’ve explained – do you still see links being inserted when you view your site with a different browser or on a different computer?

    Here’s how to center your menu:

    #menu-menu-1 {

    This code will add a coloured block background to each link:

    #menu-menu-1 a {
      padding:0 5px;

    This will close up the gap between the menu and first post title (although I’m not sure that’s exactly what you meant, let me know if you meant something different):

    #masthead {

    Finally this is about a good a job as I can do for centering the sharing icons, the like button in particular is tricky to move around:

    #jp-post-flair {
    #jp-post-flair .post-likes-widget {

    You can turn comments off for future posts via the Settings > Discussion area of the dashboard, although you will have to un-check enable comments in each existing post by going to edit it manually.



    Absolutely amazing, thank you so much they all worked perfect – thank you again! :-)

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