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Custom URL for Specific Category/Tag

  1. The blog Im working on is

    I would like make a custom URL for a specific category or tag

    For example which would not take you to a static page but a results page that would show everything filed under "Example"

    How can that be done?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What can be done is assigning Categories and/or Tags, which search engines treat the same way to posts, not to pages. The software automatically creates the URL and automatically posts it to the dynamic Categories pages we assigned to the post when we publish the post.

    We cannot edit the dynamic Categories pages created by the software and we cannot manipulate URLs on free hosted blogs.
    This is an example of the syntax:

    We can create a custom menu and we can add the dynamic Categories pages and/or Tags pages created by the software to it.

  3. I visited your blog and I see that you have created pages. Do be aware that those pages your created are not dynamic. They are not created by the software. You can include the Pages in the custom menu as well.
    See here for creating hierarchical structure and order

  4. So just to be clear with I can get these options...


    but if I wanted to promote an easy landing page with only the results of one category/tag - I can not get this option on


    Just wanna make sure

  5. One final question

    If I use custom menus you mentioned to have each of the pages go to specific categories/tags and my homepage is a static page - do I have to have the "main" blog page (the one with all the posts) show up somewhere on the blog or can I hide it completely?

  6. That is correct. is the URL structure for static pages, not dynamic tag and category pages.

    You can hide the blog page completely using Custom Menus and a static front page.

  7. Thank you very much guys for all your help

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