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    Hello, I have two questions. This is the first topic. I see lots of related questions, and some answers here: Maybe it’s the late hour, but I don’t feel clear on the answer. I have a registered domain name that isn’t hosted anywhere and that I have never used, but I own it. I want to use it,, instead of The link I just supplied suggests that this is possible, but I get turned around in all the discussion of which site is pointing to which. So can someone please clarify…I think I need to set things up with my registrar so that they do the approrpriate pointing, I pay wordpress the 9.97 or what have you, and then I can have my clean URL. Is that correct? Or am I just getting a redirect from my clean URL to the mucky wordpress URL? The link above sounds pretty clear that it works the first way (clean URL is what I end up with, clear brand), but when you start following the directions it then starts to sound the other way.

    The blog I need help with is


    For the $10 your .wordpress url will redirect to your paid url.



    If you own it, you need to pay WordPress the 9.97 or whatever, yes. You can set either your new URL or your old one as Primary once you’ve got both associated with the blog.


    Cool, so the upshot is that my url will be with all the wordpress content for the WordPress fee, which I am happy to pay?! Yay.




    It won’t have www but if you or your readers insist on putting that in, it will still go to your blog. But it will be instead, which is more modern and accessible to more people.

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