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    I wish to provide a PDF file for users to download from my blog. This PDF will be updated by myself every few months. I would like to provide a canonical (or standard) URL for the PDF but instead WordPress provides me with a URL based on the date uploaded.

    For instance, I might have a file “manuscript.pdf” that I would like people to access from:

    But instead WordPress provides:

    This is not great because I will be uploading a new version of “manuscript.pdf” periodically and the corresponding URL where people would download this file would change each time I upload it. I would prefer to point users to a single URL and never have to change it to tell users that a new version has been uploaded.

    Is there any way for me to edit or customize the URL from which a media file is accessed? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. No, you cannot edit the URL of a media hosted by yourself.

    I can think of two solutions:
    – find an URL shortener that lets you edit the destination URL (so that while the short URL remains the same, you have the possibility of updating it)
    – host your PDF file elsewhere.

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