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    Hello! I must be new to all of this because im having a lot of trouble haha

    I just purchased a wordpress theme ($37) and a .com domain through ($17)
    and realized that I couldnt upload a theme, or use it on (or that I know of!)

    Im not sure if I need to cancel this domain (only been like an hour) and register through a host site and just go through
    or is there a way to use this .zip theme on its a really neat theme!


    The blog I need help with is



    There is no way you can use this theme on wordpress.COM free hosted blogs. There is no FTP access to our blogs and we cannot upload any themes at all into them. We can only use the themes located here > Appearance > Themes

    If you wish you can hire a web host, download a free software install for self-hosting form wordpress.ORG and use that theme on it. >

    If you do wish to cancel the domain name and mapping please contact Staff by email


    No, we cannot upload themes here. Themes used here have to be modified to work within the restrictions here and to support the unique features here and they also have to be carefully checked for any security issues. Since this is a multi-user platform, a security issue a theme could bring down everyone using that theme, and possibly even those using other themes.

    To use the theme you purchased, you will have to self-host a blog. What you can do here is cancel the domain mapping but keep the domain name and then you can point that domain name at the new web host and use it there. No need to cancel the domain name (especially when domain registration here is so inexpensive).



    Im trying a webhost now (IE dreamhost trial to figure it out ATM)

    I emailed support to cancel mapping (the $12 surcharge) and kept the .com since it is only $5 i think!

    Im figuring it all out the hardway!



    You’re doing fine. Hang in there. See this post I link to below as I think you will find it to be helpful. The post contains step by step instructions and all thesacredpath’s advice too.
    Setting up a self-hosted install



    When I try to go through the /wp-admin/install.php

    it sends me to “page not found”

    is this because the .com is mapped through


    Yeah, you will have to point the domain name at dreamhost and then wait for 12-24 hours (in rare cases a little longer) for the propagation to take place and then you can do the final install bit.


    Here is the link that explains changing the nameservers here to point to another host.

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