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Custom shortlink address?

  1. Hello, I've noticed that the shortlinks I receive all have the same first five characters. I wonder if WordPress has permanently assigned those five characters to my blog. If so, is there any way to choose which five characters I'd like to use, once for all posts? That would help the shortlinks identify my blog. Could more than five characters be used; perhaps seven? Thanks.

  2. Questions you never thought to ask about short URL links:

  3. Here's an example of what I'm asking. For two of my posts, WordPress assigned these shortlinks:

    The character at the end changes, acting as an index to a unique post. The pCkoz- part is the same on both, so I wonder if that string has been assigned to my blog. If so, could I customize that string to:

    Again, the 4 is a variable, but the "Analogy" is a constant. This would make a nice premium service.

  4. Suggest it to staff then :-)

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