Customer Header Won’t Appear Outside of Safari

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    I’ve had my blog since the beginning of September, I use the Blix theme, and I have never had an issue with my Custom Header. I recently decided to revamp my blog. I made a new header following my theme’s specifications, uploaded it via Safari (my internet provider) and that was that. Recently, I’ve been receiving complaints that my header is not appearing on other computers that use Internet Explorer or Firefox for their web browsing. I tried using Firefox to upload my header, and it doesn’t appear. I have no idea what the issue is – especially considering I used Safari to upload my original header and everyone could see it no problem. If anyone has any idea what the issue is, PLEASE let me know what I can do to fix this problem. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m using Firefox 3.5.7 and cannot see a header on your blog.

    (1) Did you size the image you used to the exact measurements required prior to uploading?
    (2) Or did you use an image that was not the correct size and then use the “cropper”?
    (3) Did you upload the header image more than once? does not overwrite and will keep defaulting to the 1st image you uploaded unless you gave each image you uploaded an unique name?



    (4) Did your blog have the same theme ie. Blix throughout or have you uploaded a header image into one theme and then changed to another theme?


    The header image was saved as a PSD (photoshop) file instead of a jpg image. Safari will show photoshop and many other files that IE and FF cannot display.

    You have to actually save the file as a JPG and upload it again (I would suggest a different file name), not merely change the extension on the file name.


    I opened my original file on photoshop, flattened the image, and saved it as a jpg (which I thought I had done with the previous one but I guess just typing .jpg at the end of the file name isn’t the same as changing the actual file extension with the drop down menu). When I opened it in FireFox I could see it! Please let me know if you can see it too. Thanks so much for your help. :)



    I see it!

    P>S> Thanks TSP – you rock!

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