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  1. I have tried to contact customer support for three days with no response. Is this normal? Does it usually take so long? Is there a phone number I can call or some other alternative to contacting them? I'm becoming frustrated that I have not had any response yet.

    I purchased the bundle upgrade and added a domain but cancelled the upgrade within 2 hours because i realized i needed a host to get plugins (which I thought the bundle would allow me to have.) I read that if I cancelled within 48 hours the domain would be available again but its not, so I can not register with a host on until it is available.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, it was actually the opposite. If you cancel a domain within 48 hours, you will receive a full refund, but you will also give up ownership to it, and we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to get it again.

    Cancelled domains become the property of our registrar partner and are returned to the public market at their discretion. I have seen this take as little as 5 days and as much as 90 days, but we also cannot guarantee that someone else won't purchase it before you do.

  3. So all I can do is wait??
    Then am I able to UN-cancell my bundle? I need that domain

  4. No, the domain was fully cancelled as requested, so it cannot be recovered at this point.

    It can be re-purchased when the domain is made available again for purchase. We have no control over this process.

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