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customer support issues

  1. We have a community barter service called and liked the wordpress concept, so we signed up for the addon mapping to After paying our money to wordpress, the domain name had been changed to NOT I emailed support twice about this received the automated response. But no one from support has so far contaced us, and I just now requested a cancellation of service and a refuund. When wordpress says 24/7 service they apparently mean "we might contact you in 24 hours but it could take 7 days!" I am still waiting for a reply...has anyone else had or have customer support issues?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're a bit behind, which can happen when you provide free support for over 20 million users.

    With that said, I was able to track down your first request (which was sent just a little bit over 24 hours ago), and replied.

  3. Your email reply stated it was "my mistake" in typing my domain name when I applied, it wasn't. For some reason wordpress came up with that spelling-not me, wordpress should have just made the correction, rather than force me to cancel my wordpress subscription and then renew it - which is after all a waste of time for both me the subscriber and wordpress, since we both have to spend time writing and answering emails and responding to this comment on your service.

    Also the tone of your response is defensive. First you place the blame on me the subscriber for making the error, then you complain that you are behind because you have millions of subscribers. If that is the case, why not add more staff to customer support or a notice that it may take 24-48 hours for customer support to respond?. After all - you are advertising 24/7 customer support to your clients. It is one of the reasons we signed up in the first place.

  4. I never accused you of anything, I said "If your reason for canceling is that you made a typo, you might consider keeping that domain to make it so other people who make the same typo will still get redirected to the right place."

    It was just a suggestion. In reality, it looks like we added the hyphen because is already taken, but this should have been presented as a choice before continuing, not imposed automatically.

    The inability to change a registered domain is enforced by the ICANN regulatory commission. Your only option in this case is to either keep it or cancel it and register the correct one.

    24/7 support means that we are working 24/7, but it does not mean that we will reply within minutes, and no response estimates are given.

    If you would like to cancel your domain, please reply to the email that I sent.

  5. If anyone cares to check, they can type in and see that it is parked at and unassigned.

    And yes I should have been informed of any changes before paying. WordPress script has a bug somewhere, why not just take care of that and drop your defensive pose, it doesn't work in customer support very well. And i do want a refund.

  6. Since it is squatted at Godaddy then WordPress.COM can't get to the name, you would need to negotiate the price with Godaddy for the domain, that is not something any domain registrar will probably do or at a minimum would be an expensive cost adder.

  7. So you are registering domain names, are you informing your customers of this?
    You should adjust your program to at least give subscribers prior notification of "automatic" name changes and the reasons PRIOR to subscribers paying wordpress money for advanced/enhanced features.

  8. We didn't register that domain. GoDaddy did on September 7, 2010:

    I can't say why they did, because we aren't GoDaddy, but you'll need to negotiate with them if you want that domain.

    Anyway, I canceled and refunded

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