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customer support please

  1. customer support please
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  2. Question, please.

  3. Is there a way to link my blog to facebook when using the wordpress app on my iPad? I will be traveling and would like to blog about my trip and share on fb. Thanks so much. Angelika

  4. set up Publicize in advance on your Settings->Sharing page. Warning: all automated Post-to-Facebook thingies are downgraded by FB and don't show as frequently on your friends' news feeds. Manual posting works best.

  5. Thank you for your response. I checked the settings on my wordpress app and I don't have a "sharing page. ". I guess I'll have to figure out how to post the link manually! Thanks again!

  6. @angelika... If you are using the wordpress ipad app, you can access the Dashboard using the app. The resulting menu has just the icons, but the settings icon is the last one in the list. Are you able to open that? When I open that setting, I have 13 choices and sharing is one.

    If yours just shows a partial list of settings, is it possible you are not the administrator?

    Does your app need updating?

  7. I was able to access the settings menu on the dashboard and am now connected to facebook! I never would have known to look under dashboard or that that icon was for settings - thank you so very, very much!!! Angelika

  8. deannawrites2012

    I really need customer support. I just deleted a blog titled because it had the wrong posts from the wrong blog on Blogger that I imported. So, when I went to register a new blog under the same name, it wouldn't work. I really want to register a new blog. Two new blogs, actually. I need help please.


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