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    I am just wanting to change the colour of the menu bar on the home page. In gallery theme?
    How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you have the standard version or have you opted for the custom design upgrade? I’ve noticed some themes may let you change a few colors while others won’t.

    Here it is in a little more detail:



    stefynamarie note that empiretouring has already purchased a custom design upgrade and posted here in the correct support forum for help with CSS editing.

    empiretouring please wait patiently for help with your CSS editing.


    I have custom design, but just can’t work out how to change the menu bar colour



    Try adding this:

    // This affects the menu background
    #access .menu {
    	background: #cccccc;
    // This affects the magnifying glass (search) icon to the right
    #access .menu ul .search-form button {
    	background: #cccccc;
    // This affects the search area to the right that shows up after the icon is clicked
    #access .menu ul button, #access .menu ul input[type="text"] {
    	background: #333333;

    Use your own color there, of course.



    empiretouring please wait patiently for help with your CSS editing. You have a premium theme and we volunteers cannot access the premium themes and use them on test blog to provide support. Staff will be helping you as as soon as they work their way forward through all the CSS threads that were tagged before this one was tagged.



    hfzrhmn sorry about the overlap. I did not refresh prior to clicking submit.



    @timethief: no problem!



    :) Thanks


    Thankyou!! @timethief & @hfzrhmn



    I have a navigation menu listing all the pages on top of every page and how can I make the category title such as Accessories not be a page where you can’t get into since the page is empty but Accessories has a drop down list of pages such as Jewelry, Handbags, etc. where one can click into.

    The category Stores and Malls has a drop down list and I also have pages such as Wal-Mart on the navigation menu: How can I click onto the page “Wal-Mart” and go directly to the Wal-Mart website instead of going to my home page to again click on the Wal-Mart ad to actually go to their site?

    Check the site at


    @kaligtuq, I see your site is currently suspended and you need to discuss that with the ToS department to get that straightened out. There is a link in your dashboard to contact them directly.

    Since you are using a different theme than the one discussed in this thread, can I ask that you create a new thread in the CSS forum on this issue so as to prevent confusion for people coming to this thread in the future. Many thanks in advance.

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