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Customised category page?

  1. Is it possible to create a customised category page on a hosted blog? Say, instead of having all the entries in a category listed, you're given thumbnails of the featured image for that post, which you can click on to reach that post?

    I've been having a search around and it doesn't look possible. I was going to create a page that had a gallery of images and each image linked to a certain post. But it doesn't look like you can insert a gallery where the images link to posts. They have to link to the image/attachment page.

    Just wanted to check here though, if anyone's got any ideas. Thanks!

  2. That's not techinically possible, but you can change the look of category pages by changing themes and configurations.

    You can do the page/gallery/index thing if you do it manually, changing image size and links by hand.

  3. Thanks raincoaster. I was thinking the only alternative was to do it by hand. Was hoping there might be a more automated process. Shame there isn't.

  4. Featured images instead of full posts or excerpts on category pages is what you get by default if you use Selecta or Autofocus. Check demo pages:

  5. Thanks justpi, kinda got my heart set on using Thememin.

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