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    I know some WordPress bloggers have a customised heading, such as with a photo of himself. Does anyone know how it can be done?

    I have a premium webhost but would prefer to host the blog here, can I source some header html, or a header image, from my server?

    Thanks everyone.




    The Regulus theme allows you to change the header but no others at this time.



    Most if not all of the themes were created when it was just the standard version of WordPress where you hosted it yourself and you could edit the themes to your heart’s content.

    If the version of WordPress MultiUser that’s run here, that is not possible. We’re hoping more theme designers will start allowing you to edit your theme from the Dashboard. Until that occurs, we’re kind of stuck.



    Thanks for that help. What about the sidepanel?

    I’m trying to add a “Add to Newsgator” link and possibly a few others.

    Thank you in advance.



    Two ways to add in a link. Via the Dashboard -> Bookmarks page or you can just create a Text Widget at Dashboard -> Presentations -> Sidebar Widgets and just place your links in one of those.



    Thanks Dr.

    I’ve considered both options but neither support an image link.

    Is there an option to say yes to having an RSS link somewhere? On some themes it is there, but on the one with my preferred text style (“Contempt”), it is not.

    One other thing, do you know if you can delete categories?



    Actually the text widget does support the image. Just do it like the following:

    <a href="" title="Vote for us on BuzzComic" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="BuzzComix" /></a>

    I do it with my webcomic and a Blogshares link as well.

    The RSS link, I would just add it into a text widget. I know the Bookmarks won’t take the ‘feed:` part of the link.

    Yes, you can delete categories from your blog. Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories. Sometimes though you’ll wind up with an empty space in the category list on some Posts that were labeled with that category so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

    hope this helps,

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