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    Hi there

    I am not yet using the Duster theme, but am working on redesigning my blog and love the look of this theme. What I would like to do is use their Showcase Page Template as my landing page (home) and then allocate another page as the blog, for the contantly updated posts. My question is: would it be possible, with the CSS upgrade, to remove the RHS sidebar on the “blog” page (like on individual posts/pages) and increase the main column width to about 800px, so images would show 800px wide? And would I be able to keep that width on individual posts too?

    I am messing around with Duster on my test blog, if its any help you can see it here:

    Thanks so much, in advance, I try not to ask stuff too often since I know youre all super busy, but it would be great to know if what I want is possible before purchasing the upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is




    1. We cannot access your test-blog since it is password protected. Change the setting in privacy to “No search engines, but all others” (don’t know the exact wording there).

    2. Everything you want should be possible with the CSS upgrade AFAIK. The only thing is you should check out whether using 800px wide images in your galleries works out. At least in the attachment-view, they are not allowed to be bigger than 800px.

    Hope, this gives you a first idea of what’s possible. I can tell you more, if you make your test-blog accessible…


    sorry, meant to do it and got distracted… oops, im on it..


    OK, done!

    also, im not following what you mean by using 800px wide images in galleries? Images in galleries are only thumbnail size, regardless of the actual image size, as far as i could tell.

    What i’m concerned about is getting images to be 800px wide on the blog and individual posts. Well, not only the images, the whole column, text too, do you know what i mean? I hope i’m making sense here…




    Every theme gas a maximum displayed image width. See here please >

    More to the point is IMO your ought to read this comprehensive post on how Duster is coded to operate and how it can be tweaked. See here >



    “gas” was meant to be “has” – sorry :(



    Hm, timethief explained a lot. I would suggest, you do not link your photos to the files, but to the attachment-pages. This makes it better no navigate…


    On your blog page, the following CSS will delete the sidebar and set the content width to approximately 850px. If you use this, go to settings > media and set your “large” image size for 800px wide and then on any blog post where you want to insert an 850px wide image, choose large as the size.

    .blog #content, .archive #content, .category #content {
    margin: 0 7.6%;
    width: 85%;
    .blog #secondary, .archive #secondary, .category #secondary {
    display: none;

    The above also removes the sidebar and resizes the content area on the categories, archives and tags pages as well since those pages will display the wider photos and if you do not resize them, the wider images will be either cut off on the right side, or they will break those pages.


    Thank you all for your advice and input, I am off to read the links from timethief and them i will mess around with the code you gave me, sacredpath… thanks so much!


    @thesacredpath: the CSS works beautifully, gives exactly the look I was going for, thanks so much. The only thing that hasnt changed is when i click to veiw a post individually, then it goes back to the original width… is there any way to change this, or am I just being too damn difficult? you can tell me if i am!

    Thanks so much for your help so far.


    This takes the content area on the single post page as wide as you can without having to adjust a bunch of other things. It takes it over 800px though to about 840px.

    .singular .entry-content {
    width: 100%;


    I use the Duster theme here,

    I love the look. I haven’t gotten around to exploring all its feature so I appreciate whaever information is available.


    @thesacredpath: thanks, it works like a dream! I will just make my images a bit bigger, 840px is fine for me, i just want everything to be the same size so the blog isnt wasting viewers time resizing images according to where they are seeing them from… if that makes sense…

    again, thanks so much for helping me, i appreciate it so so much. xxx


    You are welcome.

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