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Customising themes

  1. I'm new to WordPress and I wondered if there's any way to edit themes other than adding/removing widgets from the side/bottom bar. I'm using to Livejournal which lets you choose your own colours and use overrides to change fonts etc. I was hoping for some kind of theme editor (a la MySpace editors) or just some way of customising that makes sense to me. The WordPress documentation just confuses the hell out of me. All I want to do is use the Hemingway colour scheme and font, but with the entries going vertically down the page, and a sidebar instead of a bottom bar. Is there any way to create a custom theme or edit a current one? If anyone can help I'll be very greatful.

  2. No, as stated in the Faq's and the pink sticky at the top of the forum what you desire requires access to template files. Because of security issues access to the templates is not allowed at this time.

  3. So I can't choose my blog's appearance? That's a bit sucky... Can someone do it for me?

  4. victoriacarolina

    No. Everyone who uses has the same themes to choose from, with the same few options for "choice" to personalize.

    If you want your own special look you'll have to pay for hosting and install the software version of the program.

  5. Hello,

    I am interested in using my own host and installing the software version of the program. Could you give me more info?

  6. Depends what information you want.

    You'll need a host, the application, PHP support and a MySQL Database.

    To be honest you'd be better off asking over at


  7. New to WordPress - Where to start

    It looks like a lot but it covers a lot. It sounds like though you may be better off with just choosing a host and getting them to install it for you. Most hosters have some sort of automatic installer that will do the work for you.

    Good luck,

  8. Thanks!
    I am thinking of leave my current host. Do you have any recommendations?

  9. Depends where you are.

    I can recommend for the UK, but not anywhere else. If you have a look at the site I believe they have some recommendations from the homepage.


  10. Recommended hosts on the site.

    Please note that I consider it against the "rules" for anyone to suggest hosts here, especial since I'm not allowed to do so. :)

  11. Nice one Mike - I couldn't find it looking quickly.

    As you're not allowed, I'll keep my mouth shut! ;)

  12. I'm actually not taking new clients currently (We brought in 560 in the last two months and I'm really out of space) so I couldn't recommend myself but I'll have a new closet online next month sometime. :)

    Again, most hosters have some sort of auto install program or (like myself) have a roll out program that will install WP for you. But not all. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, be sure to ask if something like this is available.

    I personally think that importing the file for the MySQL database is the hardest thing for the install.

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