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Customizability of themes with Premium package

  1. Greetings all,

    I have a couple questions about using themes:

    * How do I find out which themes I can modify the logo and colors with (built-in through the user interface of the theme, without having to modify HTML or CSS)? This would include background and foreground colors, background and header images and fonts.

    * Do all of the themes available for use at allow this level of customization or only some of the premium themes?

    * Does the Premium package at allow this level of customization, or do I need to purchase additional features?


  2. Only some themes allow for that level of customization, and I don't think there's a list anywhere. You can use the theme search filter to look for "customizable" though. There are some free themes that allow this.

    I'm not sure what the Premium Package includes, but to customize non-customizable themes, you'd need the Custom Design upgrade, which is a part of most packages.

  3. Thainks Raincoaster,

    Does anyone else have any suggestions as well?


  4. Howdy @krimsly!

    Most of our themes include support for custom background colors and images, header images, and changing the site title and/or description colors. You can filter for themes with these features on the Theme Showcase.

    To get more customization options, including changing fonts, color palettes, and custom CSS, you'd need the Custom Design upgrade, as @raincoaster suggested.

    You can see the Bundles we offer and what they include here:

    I hope this clears things up!

  5. Hi @sixhours,

    Thanks for your response. shows that the Premium plan allows "Advanced customization" which it defines as "full font and css editing capabilities". The bundles page you supplied seems to call the same plan a Pro Bundle.

    So, I'm wondering if I would still need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade-- I'm not clear what that is. Is that an upgrade for the theme, or an upgrade to the Premium plan at

    I'm guessing that the Custom Design upgrade is for the theme, and that I would still need the purchase the Premium plan from to allow for customizing css; can you please confirm that I've got this right, or set me straight?

    Thanks a lot.

  6. The Custom Design upgrade is included in the Pro Bundle, which also includes a domain name, VideoPress, and extra storage space.

    You can buy Custom Design on its own if you don't need the other features. This page might break it out in a clearer way:

    Custom CSS is part of Custom Design, so you would only need to purchase Custom Design to be able to modify a theme's CSS on your site.

    Hope that made sense. :)

  7. Yes, that makes sense, thanks!

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