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    Hello all happy holidays by the way

    I am new at all of this blogging stuff, but learning as I go along. Currently I have a customizable theme, but want another one where i can use both L side and R side bars so one side of my blog does’nt look so cluttered. I like the colors I have on there so can anbody give me a suggestion on how to impove my themes look and over all blog appearance? I would hate going through all the themes just trying to get one that will allow me the most out of my widgets…ect

    The blog I need help with is



    The ONLY themes available to you are found here -> Appearance -> Themes. You will have to go through them one at a time until you find a 3 column (2 sidebar) theme that suits your taste. When you are on the Themes page you will see a searchbox and link for filters. Enter “3 columns” and click the link and there will be a features display you can select from.


    thats a great tip, I was thinking i’de have to go through them “all”, but now i can just search through only 3 columns themes thanks to your suggestion

    thanks again



    You’re welcome and happy hunting. :)


    here’s the theme I chose check it out and let me know what you or anybody else thinks…friendly critiques are always welcomed



    That’s the Digg3 theme and what we think doesn’t matter much. You can create a new header for it if you wish. What you think does matter and what your readers think matters too. I suggest that you either set up a poll and ask your readers what they think or publish a post requesting feedback.



    As your issue has been resolved and all you want is feedback I have flagged this thread so our Moderators will move it to the Showcase forum.

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