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  1. Hi WordPress pros! I am new to the wordpress community and have a site:

    I was wondering whether you are able to customize the free wordpress site at all? More specifically, are you able to add an email opt-in widget?

    Or place ads for ad revenue? Or add a donation box?

    What is the extent of customization for the free site?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are able to add all kinds of widgets, however most email opt-in widgets contain code which is stripped here for security reasons. We generally suggest embedding them in something like a Google Doc and linking to them from a text widget.

    Blogger-initiated advertising is banned here.

    You can have a Paypal Donation button is a good place for original blogging. It is not a good place for customization. Unless you want to buy the custom design upgrade you can do limited things here, although some themes have more custom options than others.

  3. Thank you raincoaster!

    Are there any guides for making a email opt-in? I just want a way to get in touch with my viewerbase

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