customization problem: sidebar & tab color in “GREENERY”

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    Hi. I just bought the css customization and it was going well but now I have a problem.

    I absolutely cannot figure out what code I need to edit to change the green color on my sidebar and on my navigation menu to gray. (All the borders and text you see that is gray was originally that green color).

    Can someone please, please help me fix this; it would be very much appreciated!




    I resolved the issue for you. It looks like there was a mis-coded comment placed directly before the #sidebar styling. I removed the comment, and the styles are now correctly activated.


    Thank you so much Bubel, I was really starting to go crazy! Do you know how I can also change the green color of the four tabs at the top? Is this the same problem? I would like them to be the same #89BCC2 color as the page background.



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