Customize Anthem Header — HOW?

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    I found this thread, and it is EXACTLY the same problem I’m having—

    “Hello, i purchased and installed Anthem on my blog and would like to know if it is possible to make the logo/header image span across the top of the blog instead of being in the left corner. We purchased this theme because we like the option for large images. the logo we would like to use is in more of a horizontal format- how wide could the header be? Would this be possible if i purchased the custom upgrade? if not, what is the best solution without having to compromise the logo design? thanks.

    The blog I need help with is”

    Here’s the reply from scottrrollo
    Theme Author
    August 28, 2012 – 11:32 PM

    “Hi there,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload a custom logo like you have described :(

    As a workaround, you could upload and insert your logo image into the contents of a Sticky post (A post that always displays at the top of your blog). Then, with the Custom Design upgrade, we can help you remove the title from this post. This isn’t a very intuitive solution, but it should work well for what you’re after.

    Thanks! Let us know what you decide.”

    —– Okay, so moving forward, I went ahead and made a stick post as Scott suggested, and I’m willing to purchase the Custom Design Upgrade (I think it’s $30-) but I don’t know how to get the help I need to make it work. Suggestions, help, please?

    Thanks! I can be reached at (email redacted), and the blog I need help with is—

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    For purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing note the upgrade comes with Staff support.




    Thanks Timetheif! I did it, I purchased the upgrade! Now….how do I get staff support?



    I flag this thread and it gets moved to the CSS Forum where you wait until Staff gets to you. They deal with threads with the earliest date first so don’t hold your breath.


    Yikes! Did you flag it? In the meantime I’ll look for a tutorial or forum. Thanks for your help!


    They deal with threads with the earliest date first so don’t hold your breath.

    This comment doesn’t make sense to me.

    I would also like to point out that the forums are a community, and anyone can help! I’m always looking to encourage people and to help them grow, and I also hope that they will give back by helping someone else if they get good with CSS. :) I really like when I see other people chime in, it helps me grow as well since I’m not always perfect and there are often more ways than one to do the same thing in CSS.


    Hello again, just making the rounds to check in to see if you still need any help. I checked and it looks like the header spans most of the way across the header sitting across the top of the main content area which is 922 pixels wide. This is the image I see there now:

    If you still need help with this, can you please start a new thread at ?

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