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    Hello everyone!

    Is there an ideal size for images to be uploaded as background? I’m using chateau.

    Is there anyone here who has a custom background with this theme? I would love to see a sample. And I’m wondering if there’s a suggested proportion for the image (like where does the “header” end)..

    Also, if I’d remove the header image (since I will now have a background), is there a way to go back to the Posts (home) page other than having a separate Home page and a Posts page?

    my blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    oh by the way, if I choose to have a background, is it possible that it will not appear on other pages?


    Hey, Heyartist. I think it all depends on what you’re trying to do. If you have a tiling background any old image size should work. But if you’re trying to make a sort of frame for the content area you’d probably want something that had a central area that was at least 960 pixels wide. That’s the width of the header image.

    I couldn’t find any examples of Chateau with the custom background option in use so I snuck into the demo blog and temporarily added a subtle tiled background image. :)

    I hope that helps you get started!


    Also, for different background images for different pages: it depends. Right now that’s something that can only be accomplished with the Custom Design Upgrade.


    For the home link, right now it looks like your blog title is missing. If you set that (at Settings → General) you’ll have a link back to your home page reappear in the header (it’ll be the title to your blog).



    Thank you for answering everything! :D
    I can get started with the 960 pixels central area. I didn’t have the patience to experiment on the image esp. that I’m not html literate haha


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