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Customize Color of Post Titles

  1. Hello,

    I have been digging and have been unable to find anything that both applies to me and that I can understand. I have done some programming before, but never using CSS.

    I would like to change the color of the title of each of my posts based on the Category I will be placing it in. For instance, one category will have all blue titles while another category will have all red titles. I appreciate your help. Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I found the solution, thanks to Tom at

    Just use this syntax:

    .category-general h1.entry-title a {color: black;}

    Make sure that you are using the correct header number (mine was h1) and modify the category (mine was general) and color to your liking.

    This can be marked as solved.


  3. Feel free to enter the top of the threads you created and mark them as resolved.

  4. Can anyone tell me whats the theme of this
    Thanks in advance!!!

  5. @amaan4684
    That's not a free hosted blog theme. The only themes we can use on free hosted blogs are found here > Appearance > Themes and showcased here > There is no FTP access to our blogs and we cannot upload any third party theme. We cannot build our own themes either. Moreover, there is no upgrade we can buy that changes any of that.

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