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    I like the general layout and style of the Connections theme, especially the layout of the post headers, but there are couple of things missing that I think would make it better. These are:
    1. Previous and Next links when viewing a single post.
    2. The single post sidebar is different from the one on the main page.
    My question is in two parts.
    1. Is it possible to ‘fix’ the above just by customizing the Connections CSS style?
    2. If the answer to 1 is ‘No’ (which I am expecting), is it possible to re-create the Connections theme as a Sandbox stylesheet?




    Moved to support.

    Probably not as your ‘fixes’ would require the editing of the theme’s files, not the CSS.

    Please remember that we’re also on a shared environment here at What may be better for you would be worse for others.



    Thanks for the response. I take your point about the about the shared environment (which is great by the way) but I can’t really see the benefit of not having Previous and Next links in the single post view?
    Looks like I’ll just have to wait for another theme update :(

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