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Customize Contempt Theme - Background Image

  1. Hey All,

    Thanks for the active forum, and all those who help us that don't know how to do stuff...

    I was reading about the CSS background issues some have had with other templates, and tried those solutions with limited success on my blog. I'm trying to create a gradient background, and am using the following css:


    body {
    font-family:'Lucida Grande', Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;
    background-color: #000 !important;
    background-image: url( repeat-x !important;
    background-attachment: fixed

    my trouble seems to be with the template background image (a shadow of some kind) overides whatever I'm trying to use...

    Any help would be appreciated!




    "It's only gambling...If you're losing."

  2. Just a thought, by why are you have an online shop in wordpress? It's against the TOS to use for commercial gains or i thought it was. Those hosted guys (the ones paying $300month) are allowed though

  3. Easy answer: he's in the wrong forum. That's not a blog at all.

    Matt, you need to be over at

  4. Looks like one to me:

  5. you've almost got it. however, background-image: will be overridden by the background: property that's applied by the theme. so you need:

    body {
    background:#000 url( repeat-x fixed 0% !important;

    and then just delete your background-attachment:, background-image:, and background color: properties. and make sure to watch out for your semicolons, you've got one extra and one missing.

  6. Also, @Mark- we NEEED to get rid of <body style=""> in mr. Heilemann's themes. it's such bad form, and soooo hurting the users.

  7. Ah, my mistake. The site he's linked to his username isn't a blog.

  8. tiamatsdisciple/raincoater - not having an online cart on wordpress - it will be a separate site - this page will just link to it.

    sunburnt - thanks a lot. you're always so active in these things, much appreciated.

    cheers folks, thanks for the help!

  9. Not 100% sure, but i think that would still be a breech of the ToS, your still selling stuff through the blog, and directing them away from WP. Either way would be adviseable to drop a line through the feed back system to the staff and ask. You wouldnt want to wake up one morn and find your blog has been deleted.

    Always better safe than sorry :)

  10. true, thanks tiamats.

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