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customize CSS and adding pictures to it

  1. Hi!

    I downloaded a theme and I get css file and many other php and jpeg, gigf files.

    I would like to put this theme as my blog but I can only add css to css editor but I don't see any option to add other files.

    Anybody can help me with that?


  2. I think you are in the wrong forum. This is, you should be over at

  3. I don't understand why?

  4. oh, I think I understand-
    You have a blog?
    In that case, you cannot use other themes than the ones you find at dashboard-> design. You cannot upload anything like that.

    If you are hosted by you can, but then you pay for it.

  5. Yes it is true.

    The only think I can is change CSS or pay to change theme and CSS. Am I right?

    This is the option by
    Custom CSS

    "...This upgrade allows you to add custom CSS to customize any theme on this current blog. This is recommended mostly for advanced users who understand CSS. (more info, FAQ)..."

  6. You can only choose from a pile of themes ready-made.
    If you want to change one of them you have to know CSS and pay for the upgrade.

    The css upgrade will not let you upload any other themes, it will only allow you to customize the existing ones. And there are limits to what css can accomplish here on

    You could try out customizing the css with the Preview option - it will let you change and view but not publish.

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