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    Hello, I put the theme Apostrophe 2 on my blog
    I like it a lot. However I would like the last post to be highlighted (you must put a tag, reported in “content to highlight”). It works, but it is not pretty because the overview of this first post is not centered: it is 2 columns wide, wedged on the left. I would like to know if we can modify it (probably by the CSS) so that it takes the full width (the 3 columns)?
    Thank you !

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a bit beyond the scope of what can be done via CSS, due to the way the theme is laid out.

    You could adjust the padding on the left to nudge it more to the right, but the problem comes in then when the theme adjusts to smaller mobile screens as the item will essentially be off the right side.


    So there is no solution to embellish this … Too bad …
    Thank you for your reply !


    Another question :
    In the customization of colors, there are many palettes so a large choice. However, I would like to change the color of the links only: probably in the script it says “link = color1”. I would like to change this number to another, but I can’t write CSS. Can you please tell me?
    Thank you !


    Hi Laurent –

    Yes, we should be able to do that with CSS. Do you want all the links on the site to be a different color or just specific ones? And what color do you want to use?


    Yes, I want to change the color of all the links in the blog. Maybe by choosing a color among all those that exist (# 111111 for example), but if it’s possible it would be better to choose among those of the selected palette (color1, color2, color3 …).
    Thank you !


    Okay. This is the code to adjust the color for the post titles on the front page.

    title a:hover {
        color: #6b101c;

    And this is the hover/link effect.

    .widget-title label, .comments-title, #reply-title {
        color: #999;

    This is the menu code.

    body, button, input, select, textarea {
        color: #404040;

    Please specify what colors you’d like each of those areas to be.


    It does not work.
    In fact, I basically wanted to change the color of the links in the text of the articles. If it can apply to the entire blog, why not but it is not the priority.
    Thank you


    Laurent –

    Let me know what colors you want to use and what text specifically should be changed to those colors. I’ll try from my end.



    I do not know yet which color I will put because I will change the color palette of the theme. I can change the color code #xxxxxx but it is the CSS code that I do not know.

    We will take an example with this article:
    I would like the links in the text (rue de la Republique, rue de Paris…) to be a different color. Maybe brown (# 6d5e54 for example).

    Thank you !



    If you want to change it site-wide:

    a {
        color: #6d5e54;

    Or, for just post/page content:

    .entry-content a {
        color: #6d5e54;

    Yes it works !
    It’s really very simple, but I don’t know CSS at all and I can’t write it.
    Thank you !



    We have a great guide on finding CSS selectors that you might find useful at

    As for modifying those selectors, I recommend and

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