customize facebook widget using css?

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    I’d like to add the Facebook “like-box” widget to my wordpress blog homepage, but when I add the widget it looks really lame. I’ve tried to alter the height/width dimensions, but still don’t like the look. All I really want to see is the Facebook Icon (the thumbs up logo) for people to click on, and remove all the other stuff. I have un-clicked the various options like “show fans” and wall-related stuff.
    Is it possible to customize this widget using CSS? My blog is hosted by WordPress, so can’t (presumably) use any plug-ins.
    Thanks in advance!
    Btw, the theme I’m working with is Chunk, and the website is

    The blog I need help with is



    Just stumbled upon this reply… if it can in fact be altered please advise, otherwise I just won’t use this plug in. Thanks.
    An iframe is universally handled like a different HTML page by most browsers. If the iframe is on a different domain, like it is in the case of Facebook’s likebox, then you cannot adjust that content using CSS on the site displaying the iframe. To adjust it, you would need to have access to the Facebook iframe content directly, which is something you cannot do from the side.


    You found the correct reply. You cannot alter something in an iframe serving content from a different domain (in this case Sorry about that!

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