Customize feedback e-mail sent after publication?

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    I see where I can customize the e-mail to someone when I am requesting feedback, but can’t figure out how to customize the one that is sent upon publication of a post someone provided feedback on. Is that possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    All you can customize for blog subscribers to your posts is what’s found here >


    I am not referring to following. I am referring to the “Request Feedback” feature on a post. Below the body section of the post (while you are writing it) is a section called Writing Helper. The Request Feedback function is in the Writing Helper. I am able to customize the text I enter in the Request Feedback area and my customized text is part of the email that is sent to request feedback. When the post publishes, anyone that has provided me feedback is emailed a standard email message letting them know that the post they provided feedback on was published. I would like to customized THAT email, too, but don’t see where I can do that. Is it possible to also customize this post-nofication email?

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