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    Hello, hope somebody can help me here. I want to create just a static image on the homepage that links to my Facebook page and if possible, an instagram plugin overlay on the image as well. Is this possible without a customized template?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can create a static front page and put an image into that page which is linked to your facebook page. There is a widget area down below the content are where you can place the Instagram widget.

    With the Custom Design upgrade (also part of Premium Bundle, which you are trying out right now) the Instagram widget could be moved up and over the FB image, but having that overlay the linked image might cause some confusion for users. It can be done though.

    One thing I would suggest though is to have at least some introductory text on your main page along with the image so that the search engines have something to work with. There is a possibility they may view a page with only an image linking somewhere else as spammy.



    Here’s my problem. I have a static picture on my website taken from the “photograph” page. I would like to add my daily comments to the site, so they would appear below the photograph. I’ve tried to post comments using a sticky, but it doesn’t appear on the site. Is there any way I can get this to work?



    You username is linked to a non-existent blog URL doesn’t exist

    All CSS editing is theme specific editing and the only CSS support provided here is provided for hosted blogs that have custom design upgrades.

    Please provide the URL for the blog in question with the custom design upgrade in the form of an active link starting with http://



    Sorry about that. The address is Please be patient. I’m pretty new to setting up a blog/website. Thanks!


    Hi @mrcbucklin, I checked your site and the main page has the comments turned off. Open that page (Photographs) in the page editor and at upper right on that page, click Screen Options and activate the Discussion module. Then scroll down below the page text area in the editor and check “Allow Comments” and then click the Update button and you can then add comments to that page and have them show up below the photo.



    Hey thesacredpath:

    I wasn’t accurate in my original post. My mistake. I didn’t mean comments, I meant posts. So, basically I want the site to have my picture with recent posts directly below it. Also at issue, I’ve included other websites in my posts. They appear as the web address, not as the page itself. So is there any way for people coming to the site to view the image of the pages, not just the web address?


    Ah, hmmm, let’s see. I think my suggestion would be to set your main page to show your latest posts. Then create a sticky post with your picture in it. As a sticky post, that post will always show at the top of the listing of posts. We can hide the post meta data and title and such from that sticky post so that only your image appears.

    If you would like to do that, go to Settings > Reading and set your front page to show your posts. Next create the post for your image and insert your image, set it as a Sticky Post and then publish it.

    After you do that, let us know and we can help hide all the meta data and stuff from that sticky post.

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