customize My Blogs order on front page tab?

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    I use for student blogging in the sociology classes I teach at CMU. I would like the older, inactive, blogs at the bottom of the My Blogs list under the tab on the front page and the newer, active, ones at the top. Do I have a means of ordering the My Blogs list in this location? Thanks, APR

    The blog I need help with is


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    Are you asking about a blogroll? A custom menu?
    Please provide a link to the site in question, starting with http://



    Thanks 1tess! Clearly, I was not clear. ;-)
    I am not asking about a list, roll or menu within one of my blogs, I am wondering about the list of my blogs that I see when I go to my main page and click on the My Blogs tab (the fifth tab on the far right after the New Post, Read Blogs, Freshly Pressed and Topics tabs).
    At the moment, my active course blogs are 7th, 9th and 11th on a list of fifteen.
    I had started to export the material from older blogs to my hard-drive and was going to delete older blogs but all the cautions/warnings from wordpress as I did so led me to this forum instead.
    I hope that helps clear things up, I really didn’t quite know how to formulate my question properly.



    I searched for “My blogs” on the support documents and this is what I found:
    I believe the answer to all of your questions would be in the first link.



    airodyssey, that did the trick! thanks so much. A



    You’re welcome :-)

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