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    I am looking to make just a couple seemingly simple changes to the mistylook theme. I want to customize navigation bar to not show some pages and also to have pages widget selectively display pages. And if possible have different different pages widget in different pages.

    Everywhere I read, I note only mentions of hosting your own site and making updates to it (headers, pages, etc.). Is there a way to keep the hosting in wordpress and make the changes? Any pointers on where to start?

    The blog I need help with is



    Misty Look is a theme that does automatically include subpage links to child pages on parent pages. The Pages widget can be used to “hide” pages.

    Exclude – If you would like to keep certain pages from being listed in the widget, you can enter the Page IDs (separated by commas). To find the Page ID, go to Pages->Edit and hover over the title of the page. The status bar of your browser will display a URL with a numeric ID at the end. This is the page ID.

    In most themes, widgets are displayed on all dynamic pages (main posts page, category pages etc.) as well as when you view a static page or a single complete post. There are some exceptions or special cases but Misty Look is not among them. See >

    I don’t know if this “functionality” can be changed with CSS editing or not. I suspect that it may not be possible but you will have to wait until a Volunteer who does know the answer or Staff chime in.


    Thanks. I will play around based on your comments and let you know how it works out. I am sure the exclude on pages-widget will work out well for me.


    How did this work out for you, manojandsurya?

    I too want to have pages that are not listed on the horizontal nav bar at the top, since that gets crowded, and just have them listed in the sidebar using the Pages Widget. In the help for the widget I see that one can have pages that do not show up in the sidebar (are not “visible” to the widget) but no hint that this will keep them from showing in the nav bar.

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