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    Hi, all: I have one more question for you today. I am using the Minimum theme, and I am attempting to accomplish two things: 1) widen the width of the entire theme, and 2) customize the widths of the two sidebars and content columns. How might I accomplish this?


    The blog I need help with is


    The site you referenced is using Oulipo. We need a link to the site you are referring to please.


    Hi, thesacredpath. That’s odd. Is the link not working for you? My blog, “Italian Parsley,” at is set at the Minimum theme. It states this at the bottom right corner of the blog.

    Hmmm…the link seems to be leading to the correct site for me … Not sure what to do.


    I did just purchase this theme a few hours ago. Might all the settings not have uploaded yet?


    Oops, I clicked on your username instead of the link you provided. I’m only seeing one sidebar, so this is based on that single sidebar-content layout.

    What you have to do is to determine how much wider/narrower you want the content and sidebar. The total extra width (content + sidebar) then has to be added to #wrap. If the sidebar gets narrower and the content wider, subtract the sidebar change from the content change and whatever the result is, add tot to #wrap.

    #wrap {
    width: 960px;
    .content-sidebar #content, .sidebar-content #content {
    width: 660px;
    .sidebar {
    width: 250px;

    Thanks, thesacredpath. This really helped a lot. And I think I figured a few things out. In regards to widths and columns, I still have two remaining questions: 1) I switched the layout back to three columns. I am able to control the widths of the content and primary sidebar (on the right), but cannot seem to control the secondary sidebar. Might this secondary one have a different code name that I am not getting? and 2) I still can’t seem to widen the entire theme. Could you explain that one more time? Thanks!

    Also, and this is a little off-topic. But, I have attempted to switch the color of my navigation links to gray with this code:

    a {

    On the preview site, everything works great. And yet, after I save it and return to my actual blog, only about half of the links have turned gray. What might I be missing here?

    And honestly, thanks so much for your help. Sorry to be a bundle of questions. Very new to CSS! Thanks.


    The left sidebar has been styled via the ID instead of the selector. You can control the width like this:

    #sidebar-alt {
    width: 120px;

    If you wanted to control and keep both from one set of declarations (keep them both the same) then you could instead use this which has both selectors in it.

    #sidebar-alt, .sidebar {
    width: 250px;

    Got it! Thank you.


    You are welcome.

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