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    We need the ability to customize the tag cloud. I want the option to display more tags. Also, the option to choose which of the lower frequency tags get displayed: so far this is chronological according to when the tag was created. I would prefer reverse chronological so the more recent ones will appear. Even alphabetical so we could have some way of tweaking what shows up. Currently “quadrature of the circle” tagged in nine posts shows up on my site, but “holy mother public relations inc.” does not. I could easily rename “quadrature of the circle” to “squaring the circle” which would bump it back in line behind “holy mother public relations inc.” But I have no way now of controlling when I first created the tag. Best case scenario, give me the option to have 50 or 60 or a full page of tags if I like. Why stifle creativity with a restriction that makes no sense beyond aesthetic?

    The blog I need help with is

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