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    I’m writing a serial story on my blog, revealing a new chapter each week. I want to place the chapter we’re on each week, but keep the previous chapters up so that anyone who comes along late can catch up, and anyone who’s been following can just click on the link to go to the current chapter.

    To do that, I typed the following in the HTML of my blog post to test it to make sure it works for next week:

    <!–more Chapter two–>

    Based on the instructions I followed, the More tag should now read “Chapter two” instead of “More.” However, it still reads “More” when I look at it in the editor. Can anyone see what I’ve done wrong or have any suggestions for how to fix this?




    Try typing the code you posted in your HTML editor and immediately update your post without switching to the visual editor. Then go to your blog and refresh, and see if it works.



    If you publish the post, your main page will display “Chapter two” instead of “more”.

    But that will be a link to the rest of the same post. Is that what you’re looking for?


    @jackiedana, it didn’t work.

    @justpi, that’s what I want, but I want to see it before I publish it. It says “More,” but not “Chapter two.”

    I’ve decided to just insert links above each new chapter. So next week, I’ll insert the link to Chapter one at the top of the post to Chapter two. That probably makes more sense anyway. That way, anyone who missed a previous post can click on the link and go back, and those following can read the current post as soon as they click on it.

    Thanks for the input!



    You’re welcome.

    You can’t see it before you publish it, because the more link shows up on the main posts page only, not when you’re viewing or previewing a single post.

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