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    Hi. I just started a blog – when I try to customize the theme (under the appearance -> Theme -> customize (confit) I get to the following URL and get stuck with a “loading design tools” message (that never goes away).

    I tried testing the customize option on another blog and didn’t have any issues, so I’m thinking this is an isolated issue. I’m just trying to reset our homepage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



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    Is this problem still happening for you? If so, can you please try clearing your browser cache and try customizing again. If you still can’t load the customize page after that, can you let me know if you see any errors or warnings on the page after you try loading it? Since it’s not happening for me and I haven’t seen any other reports from other users with similar problems, providing as much detail about what exactly happens when you try to load the page will help.



    Figured it out yesterday. I guess I had deleted my homepage by accident and also had the static front page setting on. The customize page got stuck (which is the page I thought I needed to fix it). Fortunately this link – and a simple settings switch made everything work. Thanks for the help!

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