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    Under the post title appears the written with the date, for example “Posted on 25 April 2013”, I would like the date not to be a link (right now it is a link and you can click on the date) so just written in black. How can I do it?

    At the end of the post in the post page (and some of them in the Home page) I have the written: “This entry was posted in TRAVELS by ottaviagambardella. Bookmark the permalink. ” in which the links are in red but I would like them to be in grey like the rest of the written.
    thank you for your help



    Hi there,

    You cannot change the date link to just be text, however you can change the color of it. Similarly you can change the other link color. In order to do so however, you will need to add in some custom CSS coding using your Custom Design add on.

    The CSS interface is available in your Dashboard in Appearance >> Custom Design >> CSS, and if you are not familiar with CSS and what code you would need to enter then you may want to visit our CSS Customization Forum where you can review what others have tried and if you can’t find your answer, can post a question for others to answer. You can find that forum here:

    In regards to the question which you submitted immediately after this one regarding photos from Flickr, you can indeed post photos which originate from another location using the following code:

    <img src="http://{original image URL here}">

    However please keep in mind that Flickr may not allow for the images to be used in this way, especially if you make your Flickr album private. You can experiment with it however.


    thank you for your help!


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