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    Is there a paid version of wordpress so that we can use google adsense and javascript? I know you can get the CSS upgrade but you still can’t use google adsense and javascript. I already know about and I don’t want to use it. Also the VIP thing is I don’t know I might not be qualified.


    You can contact staff and ask if you’re qualified for VIP Hosting but it does cost allot though.

    But there is talk in the future to having a paid for adsense widget.



    I know the VIP hosting is like $600, right? is way cheaper but I don’t want to use it. Also when is that? I may have to wait for a long time and I don’t want to wait too long.


    Your choices are to apply for VIP hosting and perhaps be accepted or not.

    Or you can hire a web host and download free software from

    As far as how long you may be waiting here for the introduction of an adsense widget as a paid upgrade goes, volunteers have no answers to questions like that only staff know those answers. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page under Advertising

    Or you can move to another free blog host.



    VIP Blogging- Way too expensive! Too much hassle!



    I want to be able to do it on my dashboard. I know you can do it with VIP blogging but it’s too much.



    I want a paid version of wordpress where you can customise it. Kind of the same as VIP blogging but…


    VIP hosting is not a guaranteed thing at all – you apply and may not be accepted – it’s not only about money. I’m fairly sure you do not have the number of page views to qualify as very few bloggers do. Please use the link above to verify.

    I want a paid version of wordpress where you can customise it. Kind of the same as VIP blogging but…

    There is no “paid” version of wordpress. The software from is open-source and free of charge. It’s the hosting that you pay for.

    There’s really nothing more to communicate about here. So adieu and happy blogging. :)






    Thank you for helping.


    $600 startup and then $300 a month. . . . .I think.


    The fees are clearly stated at the link I provided.

    You’re welcome.
    As you are new you may benefit from using this Beginner’s Guide link
    and from the link to this guide to using the forum



    Oh… But that still is expensive. Again I would use but its a hassle. And thanks for helping. I guess I’ll just use


    You’re welcome and thanks for bringing a gracious end to this thread. Good bye and good luck at Blogger.




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