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    Hi folks: I don’t know if this is appropriate to post here or not, but I wanted to let you’all know that I customized the “Contempt” theme a bit, and would be happy to share the code for those who would like to play with it, or whatever.

    I’m a painter and photographer so my need for width in the content area was great (for posting images). And I added a little paintbrush icon above the widgets. It’s cute, I think.

    Also, if you see anything out-of-whack, please let me know? I looked at it in Firefox and IE7 – all looks OK.

    Many thanks for your attention, and have a great week!



    Also, for those familiar with the theme, you know the two strips of shading that go down the sides to give it a “drop shadow” look? I can’t figure out how to widen those. I love that drop shadow look but am just *stuck* on how to do it!

    Thanks ahead for any help, Gloria.


    ah! Thank you! Btw, I’ve been reading your posts and they have been most helpful in this endeavor. So, I should say thanks :)





    I viewed your site in Firefox and I like the wider format and additional icons. You’re making me want to consider the CSS upgrade. :)


    Many thanks! I have a lot of fun with CSS :) But I am, admittedly, a rookie.



    It looks great!


    Thank you Gloria for your contribution. It is an excellent theme. I have a question for you. I have been on the bloggosphere for 6 days and have submitted posts on a fairly frequent basis. I have a total of 90 hits, but no one has commented about my material. Am I doing something wrong? If you would please visit my site and leave a comment or suggestions to motivate people to want to post a comment. Thanks so much.




    I will post some useful resources for you over the course of the next five minutes so please wait for them to appear. It’s not unusual for the search engine spiders to take up to 4 weeks to locate and post your information.
    Your question is of course entirely off-topic for this thread in the css customization forum. The thread I’d like to direct you to is this one
    If you follow the steps indicated there and register with the various sites indicated this will assure that the search engine spiders locate your blog and retrieve the information.

    If you haven’t done so yet you should register, create a profile, claim your blog at Technorati and supply 20 tags as well as a 250 character summary of what your blog is about.

    The forum search box has many threads about hoe to promote your blog

    In addition you can plug your blog here


    Hi secondchancetolive. You just have to be a little more patient. 90 hits in six days to an unadvertised blog doesn’t sound bad at all to me! And I just visited this morning, and it looks like you’re getting comments! Great!

    Thanks very much timethief. This is really a lot of fun!

    Thanks for your compliment, and best of luck with your blog!



    You’re welcome. :)

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