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    hi there,

    i’m trying to upload a photo to customized my blog header somewhat.

    i’ve tried using both Firefox and Safari. i’m operating OS X Tiger on a Mac.

    in both cases, when i upload, i just see a grey box with a crop tool. any suggestions? is it my browser?



    Been discussed a few times already. Need to know filename and size please.



    I’m getting the same problem. The button you would press in order to select a file to upload is greyed out and a ‘cropping tool’ set up is in its place. I refreshed, etc., and no change. I’m using the Neat! by Topi Peltonen theme. The size and filename are immaterial as I can’t get that far as to select them.



    Forget it–I found a work around. Press ‘Control’ key while you click on the ‘cropping tool’ shape, and it calls up the ‘select a file’ menu. I’m just posting this in case anyone else needs to know in the future.

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