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    I am a novice wordpress user and am trying to do some significant redesign to my site. I use the site for both blogging and as an organizational website. I’m creating some new static pages that provide detailed information on various categorized blog posts but I don’t want these “static” pages to appear on the primary navigation menu (top navigation) – rather I want them accessible only by linking from my blog posts.

    How can I add pages and set them up so that they don’t show up on the navigation bars but are accessible?

    The blog I need help with is


    This is helpful – thank you. However, I’m still wondering how I can have live pages on the website that are not linked to any menu but rather just accessible via a hyperlink inside a post.

    is such a thing possible?



    Yes, if you follow panaghiotisadam’s link.


    You simply don’t put those pages into the custom menu. You put ONLY the stuff you want in the menu into the menu. That is the beauty of custom menus. You are in charge of what goes into them.


    Quoting from my post:

    A custom top menu replaces the regular one and displays what you tell it to display; it allows you to:
    ❇ Change the order more easily.
    Display links to some instead of all your parent pages.
    ❇ Give the links names other than the actual page titles.
    ❇ Create submenus (dropdowns) without having to turn your pages into child pages.
    ❇ Create submenus if the regular menu of the theme doesn’t support them.
    ❇ Add a Home link, or remove the built-in Home link.
    ❇ Display other links in addition to or instead of static pages (to categories, tags, posts as well as any valid URL).
    ❇ Make any of these links open in a new browser window/tab when clicked.
    ❇ Display no top menu at all (when the theme displays your pages but you want them in the sidebar instead).


    Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions. I will try this. So appreciative of the assistance.

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