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Customizing 2013 theme on

  1. I had the 2013 theme on a account, and I made some minor changes to the font and colors that worked great. Now that I have moved the site to a self-hosted account, those changes are gone and I don't see any way to make those changes again.

    Normally, you get MORE customization when you move to

    Am I missing something?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Two points, you are in the wrong forum and need to ask for help at WordPress.ORG the software you are now using.

    However, in your WordPress.ORG Dashboard there will be something to the effect of CSS editor, sorry I can't remember the exact tab to get you there - you will be working directly with the CSS on your new blog - so - to save you some problems, please make a backup of the CSS file in case you make changes that trash the looks - that will take FTP to get to the file to save it somewhere

  3. Geez, you are right. I am sorry... off to the correct forum I go... Thanks for the quick reply!

  4. You be welcome & good luck

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