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Customizing a form

  1. Is it possible to customize a form using <form action> </form> code in CSS? Trying to customize in a widget text area doesn't seem to work.

  2. CSS is a styling document used by browsers to style and position web page elements. You cannot put HTML into it, or any sort of script or code.

    Are you talking about styling the Salem Wind News Signup form in your sidebar? If so, tell us what you want to do to it and let's see what we can do.

  3. Hi, thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I'd like to customize the news signup form in the sidebar. I'm using a third party email service (Campaign Monitor), they provide html (and css) code to put on my site so when people sign up their info goes into my Campaign Monitor list. But WP isn't liking the HTML code for the form.

  4. Yeah, you typically won't be able to use third-party forms since that code is not allowed for security reasons.

    Do they offer an online form that you can link to without any sort of scripting?

  5. Are there ways to add a contact form to the middle of the blog? On the homepage rather then on the side bar. Similar to the one on

  6. @pruhomesale: In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http:// please. Thanks.

  7. @pruhomesale: The instructions are here:

  8. So it either has to be incorporate into a post or on a separate page? there is no way to have it built into the homepage?

  9. Read the contact form support document again. After making the code in a page or post, you can copy that code out (from the HTML tab) and paste it into a text widget in the sidebar.

  10. i saw that, no way to put it under the the top navigation?

  11. saw it on this blog under the featured photos

    seemed like a neat idea

  12. That site is self-hosted wordpress installation. What can be done here and what can be done on self-hosted installations is completely different.

    You can put it into a sticky post which will always stay at top left in your 2-column content area.

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