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    Hi everyone,

    I have settled on a Theme (Benevolence) that suits the colour scheme and layout that I would like for my blog. The trouble is that certain features are not present that I would really like to have: I would a page menu buttons across the header, the sidebar is on the left whereas I would like it to be on the right and I would like to change the width of the column.
    Is it possible to customize this theme in the way I have stipulated for no extra cost, or is it simply a case of choosing a theme that contains these features? I am reluctant to do so as I really like the visual arrangement.
    If I can change these features, do I do it through Appearance settings in the Dashboard, or do I have to write CSS code in the box? If it is a case of using CSS, I will need further support as I haven’t got a clue about it!

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot add a top menu to the theme as that would require modification of the underlying theme files and we do not have access to those. The width of the main column can certainly be changed and the sidebar can be moved to the other side, but to do these things would require some CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade ($15 per year).

    There are only a couple of us that help with CSS and right now we are both quite busy with our day jobs so you would have to be patient. It might take 24 hours or so for one of us to help out.


    So you’d rather look for another theme.
    Themes with top nav menu listed here:
    Themes with right sidebar listed here:


    Thanks guys, that was really helpful.
    I didn’t think that I’d have full control for free, I just need to find a theme that offers the functionality and appearance I am looking for.
    I will look at the lists for ideas, thank you for your time.



    You can make a page menu button across the header using CSS… you would need to style the page widget to make it look like a nav bar. Unless you have CSS experience, it is not recommended that you buy the CSS upgrade.



    I really need help.
    I have just upgraded my blog in purchasing the videopress but the video screen does not appaer on my blog page. What can I do?



    Videopress is a separate unrelated subject to theme customization which is being discussed in this thread. If you have followed the instructions here without success then you need to contact Staff with all your details.



    Thank you. Sorry for misguidance.



    That’s okay we were all new once. In the future if you can’t locate an on topic thread by using the searchbox then you can start your own thread by using this link found on the main page of the forum. “Add New Topic”


    Hey Guys , I just started blogging here. I’m using Chaoticsoul theme and I want to change the header image. Couldn’t figure out how. Can anybody help? Thanks


    Also Is it possible to write in Persian( Farsi) or I have to paste the wriiten text as an image? Thanks



    Yes,here are the instructions:

    Change your language settings on the Settings.


    Thank you raincoaster!

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