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    Howdy, all,

    I would like to make a custom widget in Benevolence to hold my polls, of which I have two presently posing as posts. I would like the widget to be called My Polls and have beneath that the name of the specific polls, which would link to the polls themselves on a new page. Is this possible? If it’s possible to do it in the CSS writing place, I’d give it a go, so I’m not asking for the code, just to know if it is do-able. (Of course I’d take the code!) Would it be something like creating a text widget and then writing the code that designates links in the body of the text? Is that it? Is that easy, or hard? Could it be done right there on the page where you write the text in the box for the text widget, or on the CSS page only?

    I did search for this but didn’t get any hits that seemed to address this thing I’m wanting. Thank you.



    Yes, you can do it with a text widget and no, it has nothing to do with CSS.

    Simply add a text widget to your sidebar. Put the title in the title box and the poll code in the main box. Make sure you click on ‘change’ and then ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page.

    Easy as that.


    But won’t the poll then be visible in the sidebar? Whereas I want the title of the only, and it has to be hot, to link to a new page.

    Still do-able?




    Oh. Well, if that’s what you want, just make the pages with the polls on, then take the url and put this code into the text widget:

    <a href="URL OF THE POLL PAGE HERE">Title of poll</a>


    Wow, that worked! Thank you!

    By the way, I looked at your site and it’s very nice. I don’t mean in terms of looks–not that it’s bad looking–but in ideas. I liked your insight regarding the department of poverty-eradication’s attitude toward teen pregnancy as one of, you’re messing up our statistics!(Not your words, but your idea–I’d go look the exact words but I’m deep into doing the second page of the above work before I forget how!)

    Cheerio, thanks!


    Oh, Rosclarke, Do you know the code to make there be a hard space between the two titles I formatted as you wrote above? It’s writing them in a continuous fashion, and I want a break at the end of each title so that they’ll appear as a list.



    The code is

    <br />



    (Hit return too soon) Alternatively, you can use a list

    <li> link to first item </li>
    <li> link to second item</li>
    <li> link to last item</li>



    @thewhitelilyblog: Thanks for the compliment!


    Wow, the break thing worked too!

    Wish you two were running for office. Or fixing the banks.

    Thank you very much.

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