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    I’m currently using ColorMag and love the design. However, I’m not sure how to customize it. I currently don’t have any widgets set for the main content page (content top section, middle section, ect.). What is displayed currently is what its doing on its own. While I like it at the moment, how do I go about customizing it in the future? If it’s not listed in the widgets, where is it? I noticed that when I add a widget, it doesn’t replace what is there, but just adds it. This results in duplicate and lengthy content. Any ideas? Thanks!

    The site is if seeing it helps

    The blog I need help with is



    I figured it out! I needed to enable the static front page option :)



    Hi there,

    I’m glad you figured that out! :)

    The options to add widgets will only display in the Customizer if you’re previewing a page that the widget can actually be added to. If you were previewing your site’s posts page (rather than a static front page) then the option of adding widgets to the front page will not have been given to you.

    As an extra note: I can see that your site is hosted outside of and that it’s running on the free software available at (If you’re unsure on the difference between the two types of WordPress then this guide gives a good overview.)

    If you have any extra questions then the best place for you to get support will be either the theme’s support forum on or the support forum on the theme’s website.

    Hope that information’s helpful!

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