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Customizing colors in Blix theme

  1. Hey all,

    I browsed some of the previous questions and didn't see this question asked, but if it has been, by all means slap my wrist and lead me to the previous thread. On the other messageboards I participate in, I loathe the newbies who don't do research first. I would hate to be one of those people.

    Ok, that said, I've purchased CSS customization to use at I'm just trying to customize the nav bar and hyperlink/heading colors to match the SCS color palette. Is there...I don't know...some sort of GUIDE out there that can tell me "if you want to change X, do Y"? I know some HTML, but CSS is a slightly different animal for me. I'm getting frustrated because I know what I want but don't know how to make it happen. Thanks!

  2. Well, I wish you had not purchased the CSS upgrade until you were able to figure out what you wanted to accomplish. There is no official support for CSS (and, as you have discovered, CSS is a lot different from HTML) and only a few people in the forum are well versed in it.

    There are some links at the top of the forum but I don't know if they will help or not. Two things I found that have helped me tremendously in learning CSS: the developers' tool bar for Firefox and Firebug (although I'm having some trouble making Firbug work).

    Every theme here has different CSS so it's a little difficult for there to be a "if you want to change X, do Y" kind of thing.

    I think the navigation color is in here

    #navigation, #navigation li {background-color:#A3C159;}

    Spend some time looking at your CSS stylesheet, changing colors so to something obvious and using the preview to see the effect.

    Good luck!

  3. themountainsage

    Did you get it fixed?

  4. Thank you, I did.

    Vivian, do you honestly feel that $15 is too much to spend in the name of learning and experimentation? The economy may be bad, but it's not THAT bad.

  5. Of course not. But the whole purpose of the preview is to allow you to learn and experiment first. I knew nothing about CSS when I started playing with it. Once I learned enough to not make a mess, I bought it. I have a test blog set up only to try CSS stuff. But I don't have the upgrade on that blog.

    Besides, we get a lot of folks here in the forums that buy the upgrade without any knowledge or experience with CSS and then they get frustrated because they can't do what they want and ask for a refund. Using the preview avoids that.

  6. Well, perhaps I spoke to soon. If anyone thinks they know the solution to this issue, I'm all ears!

    When you visit the home page of my blog, you'll see that "About" is still green. It should match the rest of the nav bar (the light pink - #E2C3C3). It seems to me that I've changed everything that should be changed, and yet, the green is still there. Very annoying!

    The CSS can be found here:
    I am using "spring_flavour.css"

    Vivian, I was actually having some problems using preview. I'd make a change and wouldn't see it, whereas when I made the same change, and then hit "Save", the change appears. Perhaps it was a momentary hiccup. At any rate, I'm amused to hear that some people buy it and then try to return it...

  7. You didn't change the background color of both elements, as the code I posted above shows. This is what I see in your CSS:

    #navigation {

    This is what it I think it should be:

    #navigation, #navigation li {

    I've not had any problems with the preview. I coded my entire blog using it.

  8. Thank you Vivian, that worked. Preview is working now, too. Like I said, perhaps it was a momentary hiccup.

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