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Customizing CSS, does it reset after a year?

  1. If I purchase the ability to edit the CSS for $15 a year and that period has expired, will any changes revert back to what it was before, or will all changes remain and I just won't be able to make any further changes?

  2. i believe everything reverts back to a standard theme.

  3. That's awful to hear. I guess that's the price to pay for not knowing how to code your own pages

  4. i think that judyb12 is right.

    copy your code and export wordpress to a file just in case.

  5. I'll clarify all renewals in the faq.

    Custom CSS - all that happens is that the stylesheet cannot be further edited. The style stays as it is, no reverts.

    Sorry for the confusion and I will write it all up in the faq.

  6. Good to know, thanks.

  7. @mark, @rain:
    Yes, it's good to know how it works. It's also good news that it works that way: better for the blogger, better for readers, simpler for
    So, strictly speaking, the upgrade is editable CSS, rather than custom CSS. Those who've edited their CSS and don't renew the upgrade still have custom CSS.
    I wonder how long it'll take for us to see something line the following:
    So I only need the upgrade on the day I edit the CSS? Why are you ripping me off by charging me the full amount? I should only have to pay $15/365, or 4 cents. OK, here's a nickel, just to show I'm not cheap.

  8. - pre-emptive strike :)
    editable / custom - they are the same surely?
    If you use the Sandbox theme and the themes/skins for that and are prepared to work at it then you have a very flexible platform for altering the display.

    The cost is for the ability. The cost means that for 356 days of that coming year you can play with the CSS all you wish. How many times is up to the person. If it is once then indeed that day could be seen to cost $15 but the effect is still there for 365 days.

  9. Thanks for clarifying this Mark.

  10. But the point is that when the 12 months has expired the users CSS remain custom but is no longer editable? So they are not the same :)

  11. @atthe404
    Understood. It's a css "editing" upgrade.

  12. @atthe404: that was the point I was trying to make. Thank you for making it more clearly than I did.

  13. Ah - I see what is meant.

    From the css page:
    "Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to edit CSS on one blog for one year."

    So while as soon as you start editing you create the custom CSS, at the end of the year you cannot edit but you retain the CSS you wrote.

    I'm sure there are several ways to write it but I'm sure we all know what it is and means :)

  14. I was confused before but I do understand now - thanks Mark. :)

    /nod to andrew and atthe404

  15. Good to know! Thanks!

  16. That is great news. I just wanted to clarify and make sure that it does not revert back to its original state after the year is up.

    Now that that is cleared up, paying for WordPress is now up for high consideration instead of spending days/weeks learning xhtml and CSS and getting a headache trying to set up ExpressionEngine/TXP or other CMS's. Cheers!

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