Customizing Fonts On WordPress. Com Blog(s)

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    When I choose a font (typeface) (Type Style) from the customization feature on my WordPress. Com blog, is the type face I choose and install the same typeface anyone who reads my blog will see?

    I ask the question because I have heard that only “Web Safe” fonts can be seen by a majority of readers and I am wondering if all the fonts offered on the WordPress.Com customizer are web safe.

    Bottom line summary of my question: If I choose “Abril Text” is
    “Abril Text” what people will see when they land on my blog? (Right now I am using Times New Roman …. I think. (I hope.)

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, your fonts will be web-safe! The default fonts available with the customizer are Google fonts. Additional fonts from Typekit are included with the Premium and Business upgrades.

    Anyone who visits your site will see the fonts you have selected!

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