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Customizing Home Page

  1. I have a Free blog, I was wondering if there is a way to change the Homepage/Index layout without messing with the entire theme or using a custom theme.

    I want to be able to display more than a few Blog Posts, and I want to Scale down the amount of each blog that is visable to the first, say, 3 to 5 lines.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's easy. If you're using the Visual editor, just use the More tag, which is hte one that looks like a dotted line on a piece of paper. Put your cursor where you want the break to be (preferably on its own line) and click. Everything after that will be past the "Read More" link.

  3. How do I access the 'Visual Editor' Trying to access through the Dashboard 'Home' is not an available page.

  4. No, it's when you go to write a post: you either use the Visual editor or the HTML editor. You can see which you are using by looking at the buttons above the Write Post box. If they look like the ones here, ie words, then you are in the HTML editor. If they look like icons in MSWord etc, you are in the Visual editor. There's a tab on the right-hand side of the Write Post box to click between the two.

  5. o ok, Thank you

    Now what about Adding more Content to my home page?

  6. Make more blog posts. They'll show up there automatically.

  7. Not what I mean, I want to display things other than blog posts

  8. This is a great tool. I used it and I am very pleased with the outcome.

  9. This is a great tool. I used it and I am very pleased with the outcome.

  10. Blog posts are what show up in a blog. What else did you have in mind?

  11. Word press isn't just a Blog, it's a personal Website, if it weren't there would be no use for the additional pages, you'd just write and archive blog posts. Say I want to share a small excerpt from a page, Contact information, links to others sites/blogs i enjoys and such

  12. Then just make a static Page for your contact information. Links to other sites? That goes in your Links widget or, for some themes, your Links page.

    You need to read this:

  13. but See I don't want static pages i want a busy Home Page that catches peoples attention and makes them want to see what i offer

  14. Then make lots of posts.

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