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Customizing Kubrick's header image via Css

  1. Hello. I've recently signed in for a blog and been doing some research on how to edit the Css in Kubrick's theme.
    I am longing to change the header and remove the borders around the central part.
    I've been battling with the header for quite some time now, and I don't seem to find an answer.
    By default, the header is restricted to a certain size, however I would like to upload an image from my Macintosh Hd that is 680 px in width and 369 px in height (minding that the image would stay even if I change pages).
    Could anyone please give me advice on how to do so? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Kubrick is probably the most difficult theme to work with. Would it not be possible for you to choose a similar theme and work on that?

  3. Please read what "thesacredpath" has to say in this thread. That way you will know what you are up against (ie. a huge photoshop job) if your choose to attempt to CSS edit this theme.

  4. Thank you guys for the response. I've already shifted the theme to "K2-lite", but I keep on struggling with finding a way to customize the header. I checked most posts with Css tags, and strangely enough, I can't seem to find posts about replacing a header from one's own hard disk minding the change in size.
    I emailed the support team - I am hoping they can help me through.

  5. the huge photoshop job is approached once you download the wordpress program, have a host, and start uploading files manually. You need access for the database to do so, but doesn't grant you access to the database.

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